Sponsor A Table!

Community doesn’t just happen…  It is cultivated over lots and lots of time, and lots and lots of coffee.  And how better to cultivate it than at an incredibly beautiful table?

What We’re Doing

Nate & Danelle have been working crazy hard on crafting some of the most beautiful tables we’ve ever seen, using reclaimed wood from a super-old grain elevator built in the 1800s in Berger, MO (thanks to these fine folks who did the deconstruction, which you can watch here).  The result is something that can’t help but spark community.  But as you can imagine, these tables are not cheap.  So now it’s your turn to help us bring people together.

What You Can Do

Sponsoring a table offsets our costs of materials (Nate & Danelle have volunteered their own labor) to help bring these beautiful tables into our new location.  As a sponsor, you’ll get your name (or a name of your choice) wood-burned into the edge of the table as a permanent reminder of how you helped create a space for people to meet over a delicious beverage.  You’ll demonstrate your commitment to building up community in Columbia, and you can have fun inviting people to spend time around your sponsored table, all at the same time!

What You’ll Get

In addition to getting your name (or the name of someone you’d like to honor) wood-burned into the table’s edge, you’ll also receive an exclusive handcrafted ceramic mug (with the Toasty Goat logo embossed on it) made by a local craftsman in Sedalia, MO, and an invitation (for you and your guests) to an exclusive pre-opening celebration where you’ll get a sneak peek of Toasty Goat 2.0!

BONUS:  Coffee Bar & Counter (ALREADY SPONSORED!!!)

If you REALLY want to go above and beyond, you can sponsor the coffee bar & counter where all the action will take place.  Nate & Danelle are wanting to use the same beautiful wood to make the countertop where the espresso machine and pourover bar will be, as well as the coffee bar where you can sit and watch the baristas and roasters at work.  For sponsoring this center of community, you’ll receive two exclusive handcrafted ceramic mugs and get to choose three names to be wood-burned on the back edge of the bar and countertop (where we’ll be reminded of your support continually!), as well as invitations to you and your guests to the exclusive pre-opening celebration!

Any questions?  Email us at info@toastygoatcoffee.com!

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