Where Does Our Coffee Come From?

We purchase unroasted coffee beans from multiple importers who foster direct-trade relationships with the best coffee farmers they can find around the globe. While these importers do acquire some coffee lots through Fair-Trade-certified or traditional channels, they tend to prioritize direct-trade relationships in which they get to know farmers firsthand and ensure that the coffee price goes directly into the hands of the people who grew it. Importers we have purchased coffee from recently include

Coffee Shrub
Falcon Coffees
Mercanta – The Coffee Hunters
Prime Coffee Company
Royal Coffee

See some of our current offerings below. Spend some time exploring! Zoom in, turn on Satellite view, drop the little character on a blue street to open Street View, click on some points of interest, and get lost for a moment… You’ll get a much better picture of the places (and people) our beans come from!

In the future we hope to develop some direct-trade relationships ourselves, so let us know if you have any suggestions or connections!